DC Slices
By Pizza Lovers for Pizza Lovers



DC Slices is hot, fresh, thin-crust pizza, crispy tater tots, sides and salads; made from four red-hot food trucks that serve lunch-goers and festival-seekers throughout the District. We are dedicated to offering our customers the freshest-possible product while providing excellent customer service. Our motto is: For pizza lovers, by pizza lovers.


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DC Slices has four pizza-makin’ machines on the road, each run by a committed crew of pizza lovers slinging pies so damn good that we don’t have to brag. We’re still at Farragut Square, but you can also find us at more than 20 locations each week (if you really want to find us, take a look at our weekly schedule on our "Find us" page). When we’re not in downtown DC serving the hangry, hard-working lunch crowds, we’re out in residential neighborhoods serving families piping hot pizza. On weekends we’re a staple at the many festivals and events in the area, and for those looking for seriously-sobering slices you can catch us at some of the local breweries too.